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Associate in Research

Title: Associate in Research: Geospatial Analysis & Software Development (at The Marine Geospatial Ecology Lab at the Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University, We are seeking an experienced geospatial analyst with skills in web development and geovizualization, as well as excellent communication skills and organizational abilities. The Marine Geospatial Ecology Lab conducts interdisciplinary research in marine ecology, eco-informatics, ocean remote sensing and marine conservation applications. While our lab currently has a number of ongoing projects and opportunities, we have a new specific need to support mapping and visualization efforts for a global network of marine researchers. To support this program, our new team member will aid in developing analysis and visualization tools for marine spatial data, and creating associated tools and techniques for training. The software development component of this position will focus on web services for sharing biological and oceanographic data, desktop ecological analysis, and relational database design. The ideal candidate will have programming abilities in geospatial and web technologies and hold a bachelor's or advanced degree. This person will develop and train others on how to use and serve web services (e.g. OGC, OPeNDAP, SOAP, DiGIR, GeoRSS), especially with a geospatial desktop (e.g. ArcGIS, GRASS) and Internet mapping (e.g. Google Maps, MapServer, GeoServer). Familiarity with scientific workflows (e.g. ModelBuilder, Kepler), content management systems (e.g. Plone, Drupal), statistical applications (e.g. Matlab, R), and relational database design (e.g. MS Access, PostgreSQL) are a plus. Now accepting applications which will be reviewed starting September 30, 2008. The position will be open until filled. To apply, send resume to Lucie Hazen

more information: Lucie Hazen

Posting date: September 2, 2008 Closing date: Until filled

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